Help I can hardly keep up.On second thought never mind.I can handel fast times standing on my pen.My newest listing a four bedroom,one level $137,000.00 home has received two offers.I was showing the property to what turned out to be very ready and able buyers who showed interest .When I returned back to the office an email from a local agent said "here's an offer on one of your listings".Wonderful I thought then,I got a call from another agent saying "I'm writing up an offer on one of your listings"..same words,same listing SWEET!! Turns out I was showing clients of a buyers agent who couldn't make it out that day.Normally an agent might ask for a small fee because I did work for another agent but it's important to myself and the brokerage I work for to do the best job we can for our clients.I will be working for my seller to get the highest and best offer,and get the home sold.